TEMPro Software

TEMPro, the Trip End Model Presentation Program, is designed to allow detailed analysis of pre-processed trip-end, journey mileage, car ownership and population/workforce planning data from the National Trip End Model (NTEM).

TEMPro is also the industry standard tool for estimating traffic growth, which is required when assessing the traffic impact of a development on the local highway network.

The latest data sets NTEM 6.2 and NTM AF09 have been approved by the Department for Transport in July 2011 and have become the latest ‘definitive’ data sets that are approved for use. These data sets show significant reductions in future traffic growth projections throughout Great Britain, which backs up research undertaken by Sanderson Associates that has shown that over the last few years, the forecast increases in traffic flow have not occurred and in some cases have in fact decreased, due in part to the impact of the recession.

The latest TEMPro data sets show that throughout Great Britain over the coming years traffic is not predicted to increase at the levels previously forecast. This has major implications to developers as developments that were previously expected to require expensive off site highway infrastructure improvements, may now need little or no improvements. This could make the difference for sites that were not previously financially viable due to prohibitive development costs and allow development to proceed.

For more information on TEMPro, please visit the TEMPro Government website, or, if you require any advice on how these changes in traffic growth forecasts may assist your development aspirations, please contact Sanderson Associates.

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